How to report information to TRIMS

If you are stopped on the road while moving your trade goods, you can send a text message to TRIMS to report what happened.

Type your report in a text message using the special TRIMS codesand send it to 7447 or 09030007447.

Use the following steps to send your coded message to TRIMS:

Step 1


Type the code of the Agency that stopped you. For example, type P for Police or G for local government touts or revenue agents.

The codes for the Agencies are:

P Police (Nigeria Police Force)
R Road Safety (Federal Road Safety Corps)
C Customs (Nigeria Customs Service)
I Immigration (Nigeria Immigration Service)
D NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency)
G Local Government Agents (e.g. area boys, touts, revenue collectors)
O Others (any other not listed)

Step 2


Next, you type in the exact amount of unofficial money or bribe collected from you.

For example, if N5,750(five thousand, seven hundred and fifty Naira) was collected, type 5750 without using the N sign or comma (,) or putting space between the numbers.

Step 3


If your time was wasted when you were stopped, you should indicate this in your report.

Type:X if you were delayed for less than 30 minutes,
Y if you were delayed for up to 1 hour
and Z if you were delayed for more than 1 hour

Step 4


The next step is to enter your gender. If you are male type M and if you are female type F

Step 5


It is important to report any form of harassment you encounter in the hands of the agents.

If you were Physically Harassed (e.g. rough-handled, slapped, jerked or beaten) type H

If you were Verbally Harassed (e.g. intimidated, insulted or threatened) type V

If you were Sexually Harassed (e.g. improper touching, flirting, actual or attempted rape) type S

Step 6


Lastly, you enter the code for the location of where the incident happened (i.e. where you were stopped). The codes for location are from 1-20 representing the 20 Local Government Areas of Ogun State.

LGA Code
Imeko-Afon 1
Yewa North 2
Abeokuta North 3
Odeda 4
Abeokuta South 5
Ewekoro 6
Obafemi-Owode 7
Remo North 8
Ijebu North 9
Ikenne 10
LGA Code
Ijebu North-East 11
Ijebu East 12
Ogun Waterside 13
Ijebu-Ode 14
Odogbolu 15
Shagamu 16
Ifo 17
Yewa South 18
Ipokia 19
Ado-odu/Ota 20

Once you understand this simple procedure, sending a report to TRIMS is quick and easy. A text report sent to TRIMS will look like the example below:


Example of a text message sent to TRIMS to report an incident where a policeman stopped amale trader on the road and collected N150 bribe after physically harassing the trader and delaying him for more than 1 hour along a road in Ewekoro local government.

Please remember to always give true and correct information when sending reports to TRIMS.

…no road block, no wahala !